Since 1978, we have broadcast Christian radio programs produced locally and produced by the Moody Broadcasting Network. We share information about our sponsors. A community bill board spot gets the word out special church worship services and other events.

Our Mission

  • to build up believers in the Christian faith

  • to present the Gospel message

  • to provide sound counsel in relationships and finance

  • to support local churches which honor Jesus Christ

  • to broadcast community announcements

  • to encourage listener support of sponsoring businesses

  • Get the word out about special worship services and other community events

What We've Achieved

  • Built seven radio stations broadcasting to a population of over 320,000.

  • Instrumental in perpetuating a local group for National Day of Prayer days.

  • Provided a venue for churches to broadcast their worship services

  • Presented and discussed Issues and Programs which educate and strengthen all area citizens.